The Law Society - European capital markets: Common rules for dispute settlement and regulation

10 June 2016

On Tuesday 28th June the Law Society are hosting a confernece in relation to the European Capital Markets.

Jeffrey Golden will be chairing a panel disscussing “Cross- border capital markets dispute resolution” . “This panel is about: different forms of cross border capital markets dispute resolution. Since October 2015, the English courts have been conducting a pilot Financial Market Test Case scheme, designed to facilitate the resolution of market issues, seeking declaratory relief in a friendly action. As capital markets span international borders, challenges arise on the wider implications for financial markets. The panel will discuss the feasibility of the new procedures as an effective tool to resolve disputes, and the pros and cons involved and how these can be reconciled.”

Richard Samuel will also be chairing a panel dissusion on the topic of “Regulating Investment Banking: Influences, Problems and Solutions” . “This panel is about: whether the banking regulations arising from the financial crisis can be used effectively to solve issues that originate from banking culture(s). The crucial questions for the panel to address are as follows: Is it possible to bring a banking culture into existence through regulation? With what tools? What are the limits to regulatory action? At which point do you look into other solutions and enforcement becomes important? Finally, the question arises what impact of regulating banks will have on other investment activities?”

The conference will be followed by a drinks reception at 4:20pm
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CPD hours – 5.0
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Tuesday 28th June
09:15 - 18:00
The Law Society
113 Chancery Lane London