The City Lawyer - January 2013

23 January 2013

3 Hare Court publishes The City Lawyer, a monthly email newsletter covering recent developments in commercial litigation - from general contract law to injunctions, to specialist areas, such as banking and finance.

This month’s edition, considers a Court of Appeal decision that liability insurers have to pay out for costs of settling claims which avoid damage to a company’s brand and other uninsured risks, if the settlement also helps avoid insured risks. This decision will have an impact on insurers and remove a potential conflict of interest for solicitors acting for both insurers and insured.

This edition also discusses recent judicial guidance on the differences between the interpretation of written and oral contracts, which has consequences for the preparation of evidence for trial and submissions on appeal. Finally, it features a recent case in which Rupert Butler successfully represented a model agency in a claim for fraud, misuse of confidential information and breach of contract against one of its former booking agents.