Stephen Bates v (1) Catholic Herald Ltd (2) Dr William Oddie


Statement in open court made in a libel action brought by the claimant, the religious and royal affairs correspondent of the "Guardian", against the defendants, the publisher and editor of the "Catholic Herald".

On 2 November 2001, the defendants published an article entitled "Why Ward Went" which concerned the resignation of an archibishop as a result of ill health. It alleged that the claimant had fabricated all the substantive facts in his article on the same subject entitled "Sacked: The archbishop judged unfit for office" which was published on 27 October. The claimant was upset and felt that his professional reputation had been damaged.

The defendants accepted that the facts in the claimant's article were true and apologised. They undertook not to repeat the allegations, to publish a summary of the statement in open court in the "Catholic Herald", to pay damages and the claimant's costs.

Leave to withdraw the record requested.


Statement in open court made in libel proceedings following the publication of a newspaper article.