Enhancing Access to Justice

06 December 2018

What can Ombudsman Schemes offer?

On 6th December 2018, Richard Samuel will be one of the speakers at an event organised by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law.

Ombudsman schemes have become a significant and permanent feature of legal systems across the world in recent decades, with the model developing from a constitutional accountability tool to an independent complaints mechanism widely used in the private sector, aimed at protecting citizens against the undertakings of banks, insurances and media companies.

In less than 50 years, a broad range of such schemes have emerged. Despite differences, an overriding consideration is the independent, open and transparent functioning of ombudsman institutions.

A recent report commissioned by the IBA Access to Justice and Legal Aid Committee and drafted by the Bingham Centre explores differing ombudsman institutions from a range of legal systems, analysing their powers and effectiveness in providing access to justice for citizens.

Building on the main findings of the report, this panel will discuss how ombudsman schemes fit into the wider regulatory framework that aims at developing and implementing cost-effective justice models.

The event starts is from 18:00 and 19:30 at

British Institute of International and Comparative Law

Charles Clore House

17 Russell Square

London WC1B 5JP.

Further details are here.

The event is free to attend however pre-registration is required. Book here.