Chandler v. The State [2018] UKPC 5

12 March 2018

A criminal appeal from the Court of Appeal of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in which Tom Poole acted for the Respondent.

Lord Carnwath:

"The appellant, Mr Chandler, was convicted on 17 August 2011 of the murder of Mr Kirn Phillip on 8 October 2004. He was sentenced to death by hanging. His appeal against conviction and sentence was dismissed by the Court of Appeal (Weekes, Soo Hon and Narine JJA) on 12 December 2013. His appeal to the Board raises an issue not considered below: that is whether new medical evidence should now be admitted relating to his mental state at the time of the offence, with a view to supporting a case of diminished responsibility. He also renews his appeal on one of the grounds rejected by the Court of Appeal, relating to the judge’s direction in respect of evidence of propensity. "

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